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We are aware that not everyone uses their van for businesses purposes; some of you may only use your van for transporting sporting equipment, shopping or even holidays. If this is the case and there are no commercial goods within the vehicle, you become eligible for private van insurance.

Our insurance scheme here at Brady and Jones allows us to specifically design a policy which is suited to your personal needs, where the van is used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes. We can create a policy which is often cheaper than business van insurance.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on being a traditional local broker, serving the local community in the heart of North Wales. Our expertise within the insurance field means that we are able to provide a high quality service, as we’re able to cater to your varied needs. If you are currently shopping around to find yourself the best policy, why don’t you let our team of experts take this off your hands and shop our wide range of insurers for you? This means that we can save you time and get you a competitive price for your insurance.

Some of the benefits:

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