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Hotels and Guesthouses

We’ve been insuring B&Bs, hotels and guesthouses in North Wales for over a decade!

Our advisors are experts in how the tourism industry works, and can help you compare different hotel insurance policies based on your business information.

No two guesthouses are the same. That’s why speaking to someone can help, instead of generating a quote through a one-fits-all form. Insurance companies need to understand how many rooms you have, what your turnover is, the number of staff you employ, if you serve food, what type of building it is, whether or not you hold events… the list is endless!

Insurers then take this information and calculate what kind of risks your hotel might face, which tells them how much your insurance is. Let’s look at some of the kinds of cover you might need:

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance can cover you for legal costs and compensation if someone claims that they have been injured, or their property damaged, as a result of your business activities. It’s horrible to imagine this happening, but a guest may receive an injury from slipping on a wet floor.

Employer’s liability insurance

If you employ one or more people, you need to have Employer’s Liability cover as a legal requirement. Having employers’ liability insurance means that you can claim to compensate a member of your staff, if they should suffer an injury from a situation that you, as their employer, are liable for. This could be at work, or if your employee is out of the office, visiting somewhere on work business.

Building and contents cover

Just like you would your home, you will probably need buildings insurance for your hotel. A guesthouse’s most expensive asset is itself – the building – so it’s important that you insure it for the cost of rebuilding the property, should something terrible happen to it.

If you rent your hotel or guesthouse building, you can still buy building insurance.

You can also include contents insurance to protect you against something happening to everything in your property. That includes furniture, lighting and decorations, as well as walls, ceilings, bathroom fittings and kitchen cabinets. If something happens to one part of your hotel, it could cost a fortune to replace everything to make it all match again. That’s without considering the contents of your guests – which is a legal requirement (according to the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956). By covering their contents as part of your policy, all your customers’ belongings are protected in the event of a theft, fire or another insurable event.

Optional extras

We have a few optional extras you can include on your policy, each incurring an additional cost. These include:

  • Personal contents cover, if you or any of your staff live at the hotel. This means you can claim if property is damaged or stolen.
  • Legal Cover, so you can claim for the cost of legal action if someone were to file against you. This can sometimes be included in your business policy – ask our experts to find out.