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Office Insurance

Choosing office insurance can be a bit of a minefield, it is important to ensure that you have cover to fit your office space and business needs. That’s why it can help to go through an experienced insurance broker, instead of a one-size-fits-all online system. Here are a list of a few different cover options that you might want to consider. For more detailed advice catered to you, and for a quote, contact us direct on the details below.

What does Office Insurance include?

Much like your home, there are a range of different office insurance options that you need to consider to protect your contents, stock, buildings and fixtures.

Contents insurance: Whether you own or rent your business property, you need to insure the contents of your premises for damage, loss or theft. It’s important that you correctly record the value and specification of your contents when getting a quote to make sure you are covered effectively.

Stock cover: If any stock is kept at the property, you need to make sure that this is identified and insured separately from your contents.

Buildings insurance: The office property itself needs to be insured against risks, for example flooding or fire. If you own the office premises, this is your responsibility. If you rent your office space, this is likely to be covered by the landlord.

Fixtures and fittings cover: It’s useful to know that, with a business insurance policy, you need to differentiate between the contents and fixed items in the property. This can include: sales counters, kitchen units, storage and carpets.

Shop front cover: If your office has an exposed front to the premises, you can also add specific cover for this to cover windows, signage and awnings. This is definitely something to bear in mind if you have invested a lot of time and budget in your signage and office branding.

Which policy is best for me?

To choose the correct product for your requirements, you should ensure that you select the correct trade that represents your core business activity.  You will then be given a choice of insurance covers for your business.  Choose carefully, and ensure all necessary items are covered, as well as reviewing the policy wording in detail.