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Interview with newest team member – Carla!

Here at Brady and Jones, we like getting to know our clients. Over the years, we’re sure you’ve gotten to know a lot about us, too! Those of you who regularly visit our office might have noticed an unfamiliar face behind the front desk…

Carla Green - Colwyn Bay

Introducing our newest team member, Carla Green! As we know that Carla has many years’ experience in the insurance industry, we wanted to get to know her a little bit more and find out what she makes of the insurance sector and what Brady & Jones has to offer!

  • Hi Carla, how are you?

Hi, I’m great thank you! How are you?

  • I’m good thanks; now let’s get down to business! How many years’ experience do you have in the insurance industry?

27 years now! Wow – I didn’t realise it was that long! Time flies!

  • Time flies when you’re having fun! So, what type of companies have you worked for over the years?

Small local brokers mainly but before coming to Brady & Jones I had worked for a large high street broker for 10 years

  • What made you want to work for Brady & Jones?

I worked with Mike and Amanda many years ago and had been waiting for an opportunity to work for a more personal broker for a long time. I like the fact every day is different and that they deal with a wide range of insurance, from personal lines to small and larger commercial risks. They are a local broker with a very good reputation and I was lucky enough that a vacancy came along.

  • How do you think insurance has changed over the time you’ve been working in the industry?

Gosh, when I first started we used to quote customers out of a rating guide, before we had computers to do all the work for us! Premiums were obviously a lot cheaper and you could tell people what they would be paying for the next few years.  Customers would just stay with the same broker for years. When the likes of the direct companies launched themselves, that’s when the market seemed to change with the emphasis on cheaper insurance. People started to shop around and a lot of the original insurers back then are no longer here. The internet has also changed the way people buy insurance. Again, with saving money being the priority and with a lot of online activity, the personal touch sometimes takes a step back. However I feel now that things are changing as a lot of people are unhappy with the service provided by some of the insurers offering the cheapest price.

  • What are Brady & Jones’ “Best Sellers”?

They are a well-established local Broker with an excellent reputation. The staff have years of knowledge and have built a rapport with these customers over the years. There are so many customers who have remained loyal for over 20 years and that speaks volumes in itself. Most customers have many policies with us and that enables them to keep everything under the same roof and they receive an excellent customer service at all times.

Thank you very much Carla for answering all of our questions. We’d love for you to introduce yourself to our newest addition – pop down to our Wynnstay Road office for a quote or an informal chat.

If you would like to get a quote on any of our policies, you can also contact us on 01492 531888 or email 

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