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Ideas for Team Building activities!

It can be quite a draining time at work if the team morale and motivation is low, it may be becoming unbearable to get yourself in to work. Here at Brady and Jones, we know exactly what you need – a team building session!

There are plenty of things that you can do boost the team spirit, choose something that is extra fun and bound to have the whole business talking about it for weeks:

  1. Total Wipeout – What better way to get everyone laughing then seeing people being taken out by a large inflatable wheel? This is the perfect day out for the team that will get everyone giddy and will remember for a long time.Treasure Hunt – Spend the day broken up in to two teams looking for that treasure that lies at the end of the trail. Work together in your teams to race the opposite group, make sure the prize is something everyone can enjoy!


  2. Cocktail Making – This can make your afternoon a little more sophisticated if you fancy having a low key and social activity. Forget about an adrenaline rush, this relaxing activity will allow each one of you to create the perfect cocktail to wind down to after a long week at work.


  1. Zorbing – You can make this an all-day adventure or a few hours of great fun, no matter what you choose, who wouldn’t enjoy bouncing around in large inflatable balls and banging in to each other?


  2. Chocolate Making – One for the food lovers. Spend the afternoon making some delicious treats you can all share, you can bond over your love of the chocolatey goodies you are making. Why not put a spin on your favourites?


We hope that these have given you some great ideas for your whole team to take part in. Let us know if you got up to any of the above by sending us a picture to our social media sites! If you would like any advice on personal or business insurance, do not hesitate to get in contact with us on; 01492 203848.

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