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How to have the best Christmas party!

During the Christmas period, morale can be low due to working over the holidays. However, a way to cheer everyone up in the work place is a Christmas party! This is bound to get the spirits up and get each member of the staff ready for the festive season; they can even let their hair down! With the right venue, plenty of drinks and delicious food I’m sure you can make the event one that no one will forget!

Here at Brady and Jones Insurance we wanted to give you some top tips on how you can go the extra mile for your Christmas party and what you could do to make your employees have a great time.

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Photographer – why don’t you hire a professional photographer and capture all of the wonderful memories? There’s nothing that a group full of happy people love more than posing for the camera! You can even put the pictures to good use when the event is over, possibly on a blog or display them around the office.

Goody bags – Another way to show your appreciation for your employees is through goody bags! Everyone loves a freebie, and if it’s filled with plenty of Christmassy goods, it’s bound to go down a treat. You could include the likes of; baubles, chocolates, miniature bottles of alcohol and much more. NOTE: Don’t use this as an opportunity to use up your business collateral, make it special!

Awards/ Trophies – Depending on the style of your event, if you have the chance throughout the evening, you could take the opportunity to say an extra thanks to the stars of your company. You could put together a range of awards and give them out, this can be fun and light-hearted.

Organise transport – To ensure for the best turn out possible, why not put together a range of transport to different locations in the area. That way, people do not have an excuse not to attend and this shows that you really want to be there.

Table Plan – if you have a large business, it may be wise to mix up the table plans. You can put different people on a table together who do not usually mix with each other. That way, everyone can really get to know one and other and keep the place buzzing.

We really hope that these tips have helped you all, and you make your Christmas party one to remember. If you do decide to use any of these tips, make sure you let us know how your event went and be sure to send pictures!

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